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Patented guardrail fall protection system with a unique hinged base plate for a fast and easy set-up.
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The #1 Rooftop Fall Protection System!

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Eagle Claw Safety Cart

Eagle Claw Safety Cart System

Finally, it’s the complete fall protection system you’ve been looking for! A product made by a roofer for a roofer. The On Top Safety Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System sets up fast – it’s not in the way – and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg when it comes to safety. Workers will be twice as productive. Fast Track eliminates the tangled mess of ropes that drives roofers crazy. Everybody wins with On Top Safety Equipment!

The On Top Safety Fast Track Fall Protection Guardrail System is a patent-pending fall protection system that mounts right on the roof edge so it’s never in your way. The system is easy to set up and fits a variety of roof structures. Uprights are places every 8 feet and then two rows of coated 3/16″ cable are hooked into the uprights and winch post. Our system fits flat commercial roofs, overhang roofs, and parapet roofs. Make straight line runs, rectangle, squares, any type of configuration. That’s the beauty of this system – you’re not constrained to any particular shape!

The Eagle Claw Safety Cart System is supplied in a self-contained storage box on wheels. The empty storage box can be used to secure tools. The box is 44″ wide by 60″ long and 22″ high. Shipping weight is approximately 1,500 pounds.

Reduces fall shock up to 1,200 pounds of force.

Storage Box Contents

Includes enough parts to handle up to 400 linear feet of protection.

Fast Track Parts List