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Patented guardrail fall protection system with a unique hinged base plate for a fast and easy set-up.
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The #1 Rooftop Fall Protection System!

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The results are in! On Top Safety Equipment’sĀ Fast Track Fall Protection Cable Guardrail System Eagle Claw Safety Cart and Falcon Safety Cart weigh in much lighter that the competition! These are the best Rooftop Fall Protection Systems on the market.

Eagle Claw Safety Cart weighs 850 pounds

The Falcon Safety Cart weighs 450 pounds.

Eagle Claw Safety Cart

The Eagle Claw Safety Cart weighs 850 pounds.

On Top Safety Equipment Falcon Safety Cart Rear View

Falcon Safety Cart: Only 450 Pounds!

The Competition

The Raptor Tri-Rex Mobile Fall Cart weighs 1,250 pounds.

The Garlock Cobra Cart weighs 1,100 pounds.


Best Design

The Best Materials

Performance Second To None

Lightest Weight

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