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Patented guardrail fall protection system with a unique hinged base plate for a fast and easy set-up.
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Safety in the Palm of Your Hands

On Top Safety

Why Job Site Tech

Every day, millions of people head off to their construction jobs willing to get their hands dirty. They work on everything from new homes to skyscrapers, making our country bigger, stronger and faster with the products that they develop, build and fix. It’s easy to see why construction jobs are the foundation of our country.


As a team that is exceedingly knowledgeable in this industry with over twenty years of experience, fixing products and strategies is in our blood. After acknowledging a need for an efficient way to manage construction sites, Job Site Tech was developed with the end user as our main focus. We know that your goal at the job site is to get the job done… Let us handle the rest.

Safety Alerts in Real-Time

The Job Site Tech app will allow each individual user to report safety alerts such as a fire or injury the moment it happens.

Job Site Administration

Know who is on the job, where they are located, and what company they are reporting from right in the palm of your hand!

Credentials at Your Fingertips

This feature keeps companies honest and workers up-to-date by allowing each individual to have copies of their qualification paperwork directly on their phones.

Time Management

Have you ever walked around a job site looking for a particular contractor, roofer, or electrician only to find that they weren’t there?